Our automotive products:

Car/Truck Wash Concentrate

Car/Truck Wash Concentrate - A super concentrated and economical formula dilutes 1/2 to 1 oz. per gallon of water to clean golf carts, cars trucks, boats, etc. Special sheeting action reduces water spots even in very hard water. Green semi-viscous liquid.

Hi Suds Car Wash Concentrate

Product Number: P708


Spec Sheet:

This concentrated product is designed to give good cleaning power with very high suds. Great for the second station of an automated car wash unit. Clear viscous liquid. Light fragrance. Minimum order is 55 gal or 15 cases 4x1 gallons.

LC 18 Wash 'n Shine

Offers a one-two punch for cleaning commercial vehicles. Fast acting, effective detergents clean road film, grease, oil, and dirt from vehicle surfaces while at the same time a built in protectorant is added to the surface to help eliminate water spotting and reduce dirt and dust build up. Regular use of LC wash 18% actually reduces vehicle wash frequency. Yellow opaque liquid. Neutral fragrance. 2 oz per gallon dilution rate.

LC 40 Wash 'n Shine

Premium wash and shine product special additives allow the product to perform like wax. Fast acting effective detergents clean road film, grease, oil, and dirt from vehicle surfaces. Helps to eliminate water spotting and reduce vehicle wash frequency. Yellow opaque viscous liquid. Light chemical fragrance. 2 oz. per gallon dilution rate.

Silcon Vinyl Dressing

Silicon based Hi Gloss cleaner and protector for all vinyl and rubber surfaces. Best for interior use but will provide reasonable durability outside. Use on seats, bumpers, tires, dashes, etc. White milky liquid. Light chemical fragrance.

White Brite

Product Number: H1031


Spec Sheet:

Whitewall tire cleaner. Easily removes road film and griome from white side walls and white raised lettering. Thin purple liquid.


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