About CleanPak Products

Packaging Innovative Solutions

CleanPak Products has been serving customers in the sanitary maintenance, portable toilet, and agriculture industries since 1995. Senior Management has over 80 years experience in the compounding, marketing and distribution of sanitary maintenance products and specialty agricultural products in the southeastern United States.

Located in Tampa, Florida, CleanPak Products is conveniently situated to service the Southeastern United States, South and Central America, and the Caribbean market places.

Fast turnaround times on shipments and a low minimum order size provides our customers with the ability to serve their customers without over stocking. Our customers are never more than a few days away from replenishing their inventories.

CleanPak Products is a leader in Private label manufacturing. Our many years of experience help our customers create their unique Private Label Brand. It is only when a distributor creates, promotes, and sells their own Private Label Brand that their products become unique in the marketplace and especially on the internet. When a customer searches for their brand, it come up first every time.  

At CleanPak Products our flexible equipment line-up means we can fill pints, quarts, gallons, pails, drums, and totes.  With economical run sizes starting at under 200 gallons, we can help you take your product to market without a huge inventory commitment.

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