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Specialty & Contract Manufacturing

Co-Packing & Contract Manufacturing | Specialty Manufacturing

Here at CleanPak Products, we offer our services in co-packing, specialty manufacturing, and short-run product orders for agricultural and cleaning chemicals all over the eastern United States and western hemisphere. With more than eight decades of experience, we are more than capable of handling any type of order at an affordable cost.

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​Co-Packing & Contract Manufacturing

Would you like to expand your business but not sure how? Let us help! Our co-packing and contract manufacturing services allows you to compete regionally, nationally or internationally. When you utilize us as your agriculture products and/or cleaning chemical co-packer, we take care of everything from processing your formula to marketing assistance.

Agricultural and Cleaning Chemicals for Distributors is Our Specialty

CleanPak Products works as the agricultural and/or cleaning products co-packer for companies that do not have a manufacturing facility, have a facility dedicated to the production of other types of products, and those that manufacture seasonal products. Our team of experts produce your product to its exact specifications, handle the packaging and labeling, ship the product to the desired location, and provide marketing assistance as needed.

We can customize a contract packaging of cleaning chemicals and agricultural products program designed to position your company for success.  Take a look at what makes CleanPak Products different from the typical agriculture and cleaning products co-packer:

Contract Manufacturing Features and Options

  • We accommodate short run orders
  • Full range of packaging sizes – as small as 8 ounces all the way up to totes
  • Low cost shipping
  • Ability to blend and package most chemicals
  • Powder blending

A major advantage we have over some agricultural and cleaning chemicals co-packer providers is that we ship from the state of Florida.  Truckers bring more freight into Florida than is shipped out, thus the outbound rate is much lower than some other areas. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, we can help.  Give our agricultural and cleaning products co-packer experts a call today!

​Specialty Manufacturing

Have a specialty short run item?  No problem! Our team of chemical experts has more than eight decades of combined experience and can compound a new formula or create a variation of an existing formula.  We are often asked to create special formulas for a customer application. We can also change the color, fragrance and other attributes of a provided formula.

Each specialty manufacturing product can be private/white labeled and packed in gallons, quarts or pails.  Minimum order is 75 gallons.