CleanPak Increases Production

June 25,2020 11:39 AM By gtbrydon

Since the start of the global pandemic, CleanPak Products immediately started working on securing the raw materials and components to manufacture high quality hand sanitizer and to ramp up our production of antibacterial hand soap and other hygiene essentials. We now have the necessary raw materials and workforce to manufacture hand sanitizer in quarts and gallons.


As businesses and public areas start to reopen, the demand for hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and hand soap have increased. Because of this, we have added a fully staffed second 8-hour shift to our manufacturing plant and hired several new full time employees to increase production and shorten lead times to get product to the front line. Our main goal is to be able to support our community and do our part in helping stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As part of these efforts, CleanPak is in the process of adding an additional production line to meet the needs of our customers. We will keep you updated as this process progresses in the coming weeks. 


Our Hand Sanitizer Specs:

·  70% Ethyl Alcohol

·  Thickened Non-Sticky Gel

·  Pleasant Fragrance

·  FDA Registered

·  Available in Quarts & Gallons

·  5 Day Lead Time


Thank you for your continued support and patience during these unprecedented times. 

Please feel free to reach out to your sales rep. or our office for pricing, availability and any questions you may have.

June 25, 2020