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CleanPak Products carries a wide variety of products for corrosion control and corrosion protection safe for use in all types of environments including industrial, marine, and institutional areas. The corrosion preventative compounds protect metal surfaces and machinery from water and other environmental problems while other products can remove rust already present and leave a ready to paint surface behind.

Agricultural & Corrosion Control Chemicals for Distributors

​​Corrosion Zero

Corrosion Zero is a special corrosion preventative compound that forms an ultra-thin hydrophobic film capable of rendering even an electric motor capable of running underwater. Non-conducting and inflammable, Corrosion Zero is the perfect product for use in preventing deterioration and contamination of all surfaces of electronic equipment and mechanical close-tolerance components.


Lektro-Tech P is water based, environmentally friendly hydrophobic corrosion preventative compound that has the unique characteristics to provide a paintable surface once it’s completely dried. Lektro-Tech P is non-flammable and has no ingredients that are considered hazardous in the Global Harmonized System of Hazardous Materials.

Lektro-Tech S

This new 5th generation product combining both corrosion preventative compounds (CPC’s) and lubricants to provide the best protection against moisture, chlorides, acid vapor and other environmental contaminates over the range of types of corrosion on the market. Using nano-sized particles of PTFE, Lektro-Tech S provides the low friction coefficient needed for sliding parts without being washed off with water.

​​Quik Tann III

Quik Tann easily takes your rusted metal surfaces and turns them into a primed, paintable surface in 2 to 4 hours without weakening metal or harming your fiberglass, rubber, and painted surfaces nearby. Unlike competing products, Quik Tann requires no protective clothing to use and is an environmentally friendly water-based product, making it useful in a much wider variety of uses.

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