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CleanPak Products carries a small selection of mosquito vector control products formulated by NanoGreen Technologies for use in vector mosquito control. Our polymer surfactants increase the effectiveness of applied chemicals to affect both adult and larvae.

Agricultural & Corrosion Control Chemicals for Distributors

​​E3Expander - Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant

This next-generation polymer surfactant is a safe option for those looking to increase the effectiveness of their herbicides, pesticides and fungicides on plants of all kinds while decreasing the quantities used by 30% or more. By helping the sprayed on chemicals resist being washed away by rain or irrigation, E3Expander increases the time they stay on plants and thereby reduces the amounts that enter the environment. With its unique ability to redistribute itself through moisture intelligence, the chemical remains in the treatment area long enough to not only affect the adult pest, but the larvae as well.

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