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CleanPak Products offers a line of high-tech, user-friendly fertilizers and surfactants for use on all types of crops. These agricultural products work to help farmers decrease the runoff of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides into the nearby environment while increasing crop yield on all types of plants, including corn, tomatoes, and citrus. Because of this innovative technology, all of the products on this page are organic and extremely Eco-friendly.

Agricultural & Corrosion Control Chemicals for Distributors

E3Expander - Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant

This next-generation polymer surfactant is a safe option for those looking to increase the effectiveness of their herbicides, pesticides and fungicides on plants of all kinds while decreasing the quantities used by 30% or more. By helping the sprayed on chemicals resist being washed away by rain or irrigation, E3Expander increases the time they stay on plants and thereby reduces the amounts that enter the environment. 

E4Expander - Polymer Adjuvant Surfactant w/ NanoGreen Technology

This polymer surfactant combines the foliar fertilization characteristics of Agri-Nano with a next generation agricultural surfactant to remove the need for traditional fertilizers and reducing the amount of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides used by 30% or more simply by allowing them to resist being washed away into the environment by rainfall.

NanoGreen AGRI-NANO Foliar Fertilizer & Agricultural Soap

NanoGreen’s Agri-Nano is a new and dynamic organic Bio-Stimulant and Foliar Fertilizer that increases a plant’s internal sugar levels in the plant, thereby providing it with natural pest and disease resistance when used regularly. Agri-Nano replaces all fertilizers and reduces the need for pesticides and fungicides.

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