Hands Free Automatic Dispensers

July 06,2020 9:51 AM By gtbrydon

Wall Mount + Stand Alone Touch Free Automated Dispensers

Since the start of the global pandemic, CleanPak Products immediately started working on securing the raw materials and components to manufacture high quality hand sanitizer and to ramp up our production of antibacterial hand soap and other hygiene essentials. We now have the necessary raw materials and workforce to manufacture hand sanitizer in quarts and gallons. 


We have also secured 2 large shipments of touch free automated wall mount dispensers and stand-alone touch free automated dispensers, see picture above. These generic bulk dispensers will allow you to refill using our hand sanitizer and hand soap which will save you money in the long run (not a proprietary system). Simply mount the dispenser on the wall of a restroom or stand it in the hallways of a hospital or school. Stop the spread of germs with the help of hands free dispensing. These dispensers also have a drip tray to catch any drips or spills to keep your floors and counters clean.  The stand-alone touch free dispenser is portable and is great to move around to different areas of your facility. The order minimum is 6 dispensers and 4x C-sized batteries are needed per dispenser (batteries are not included). Both shipments have arrived at our plant in Tampa, FL.  Please feel free to call our sales team or our office for pricing and any questions you may have.

July 22, 2020

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