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CleanPak Products carries effective and dependable specialty products and cleaners for specific applications.  Some of the specialty products and cleaners we offer include an industrial descaler, cooler oil cleaner, bottle wash, coil and fin cleaner, roof and deck cleaner, rust stain remover, smokehouse cleaner and more.  Don’t see what you need below?  Give us a call and we will locate the product(s) you need.

Industrial Cleaning Chemicals for Distributors


A safer replacement for Hydrochloric Acid.  This buffered and altered product does not fume.  Can be used for any application that hydrochloric acid is used but without the danger.  Bowl cleaner, tile and grout cleaner, rust stain remover, removes concrete and grout residue, etc.

Bottle Wash

Strong alkaline based cleaner to clean bottles and containers in the food industry.  High concentration makes an economical solution for cleaning but not damaging glass.  Leaves no residue. Clear semi vicious liquid.  Light chemical fragrance.  pH =13.2.

Cooler Coil Cleaner

Acid based refrigeration coil cleaner foams away dirt and mineral deposits to keep coils clean and cool.


Removes lime scale and other mineral deposits.   Buffered to protect against damaging sensitive metal parts. Dilutes up to 10:1 Clear Pink liquid.  Hydra-chloric acid base.  Chemical fragrance.  Low Foam

Foaming Acid Process Cleaner

Acid based high foaming cleaner for use in cleaning food processing equipment requiring acid reaction cleaning.  For use with mechanical foaming equipment.

FLASH Concrete Cleaner

High Alkaline cleaner designed to penetrate and remove deep ground in oils and soils from concrete floors and driveways.

Freezer Cleaner

Strong Alkaline based RTU cleaner that will not freeze down to 30 degrees below zero.


Heavy duty powdered cleaner for floors trucks and other industrial cleaning projects. Will not damage metals and is safe the environment. Contains no phosphates


Quickly and easily removes lime scale, soap scum, milk stone and alkaline food soils.  This is environmentally safe and biodegradable.  Clear thin liquid. Light chemical fragrance.


A mild acid type product used to remove milk stone, mineral scales, stains and lime deposits from many surfaces.Brightens aluminum pots and pans. Phosphoric acid base.Clear thin liquid.Mild chemical odor.

Nu-Coil Plus

High foaming coil and fin cleaner. Non Acid - Non-foaming formula.Can be used in dip tanks.


Formulated specifically for trailer bodies and trucks.This super concentrated product quickly restores a shine to metal while removing carbon smoke and road film.Excellent on aluminum wheels. An excellent wheel brightener.Pink thin liquid.Light chemical fragrance.

Roof & Deck Cleaner

Strong alkaline based cleaner removes mildew stains and grime from roofs, decks, and wood fences. Makes them look good as new. After drying, wood surfaces can be treated with preservative to keep the new wood look.Clear amber liquid.Mild chemical fragrance.

Rust Stain Remover

A fast acting acid cleaner to remove deep rust stains from concrete, exterior walls, wood fences, vinyl fences, decks, and concrete walks and driveways.  Clear liquid.  Chemical fragrance.  Biodegradable

Smokehouse Cleaner

Strong alkaline based cleaner A high alkaline, foaming liquid, Smokehouse Cleaner is designed to remove or clean soil from food processing and packaging equipment and the surrounding work areas. 

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